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A tool to efficiently cover your identity and location when surfing the net
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Easy Hide IP will efficiently cover your identity when surfing the web or when downloading files in peer-to-peer environments. This anonymizer will provide you with a new IP belonging to a server in a different country, allowing you to enjoy using the Internet without giving out sensitive information about your computer, your country of residence, or yourself. Likewise, this small tool will also allow you to access the Internet services or pages restricted for IPs belonging to a specific country.

Using this tool is not a rocket science - it is just as “easy” and simple as its name says, so that anyone can enjoy it. You will be shown two different lists of servers, one with private servers (mainly in the US and in the UK), and a second list of public servers (scattered all around the world). Private servers are usually high-speed servers, allowing for quick and easy connections. Public servers are certainly slower, as it takes longer to connect (the available slots are usually much fewer) and the transfer speeds they can offer are lower.

You can either change or hide your IP address. Besides, you can do it as many times as you wish, using the server you like best, or telling Easy Hide IP to find you a new IP address every X number of seconds. As a result, your Internet Service Provider will not have any information of what pages you have visited, or what you did while browsing them – they will only have your remote servers’ addresses.

Anonymizers are generally seen as tools meant to cover illicit uses of the Internet, which is not always true. It is also a useful tool to avoid abuse from certain ISPs who enjoy using sensitive information about you, your tastes, your Internet habits, etc., to cover you with unwanted offers and to control your actions on the net.

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